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Varadarajan Seshamani (ME/69)


Fondly known to his friends as Varadu, is a Mechanical Engineer from the 1969 batch and started his career as an entrepreneur starting his own company. He specialized in mechanical manufacturing operations, factory operations, tool design & manufacture of mobile& secure communication systems, development & manufacture of food processing extrusion cooker lines. He has been involved in project work, project design, engineering and execution (implementation) in areas that include mechanical, electronics, food, biotech, horticulture, offices, factory complexes and aquaculture. Since 1982 he focused on manufacture operations of autocascade cryogenic systems, autocascade refrigerants, thermoelectrics (peltier devices & systems), UV testing.


Varadu was one of the first few members who founded the Bangalore Chapter of the IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association in 1971 with his office being the Chapter address andwhere it operated for 23 years.  He was involved in the creation of Data Base of the Kgp Alumni in Bangalore and played a supporting as well as a leadership role coming out with innovative events and programs for the Bangalore chapter. He has been consistently active in the Chapter and presently is the President of the Bangalore Chapter of the Foundation and a Executive Committee member of the IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation India.


Varadarajan Seshamani is a great leader with a clear vision and a deep understanding of the business. He leads with magnanimity and fairness and follows the principle of simple living and high thinking.