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Profession: Entrepreneur, Author (Building Golden   India) 


Shailendra Kumar is the Founder and President of Nalanda 2.0 (, a nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank on higher education, and the author of Building Golden India: How to unleash India's vast potential and transform its higher education system. Now.  Earlier, Shail was an administrator at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego, co-founder and CEO of two start-ups and an executive in several Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley-based corporations. 

Shail has distinguished himself through 25 years of service to IIT Kharagpur, its alumni network, and the larger IIT community:
He is a former President, Vice President and member of Board of Directors of the IIT Foundation (2000-2005) and volunteer leader of IIT KGP’s San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (1991-2000). During this time the IIT Foundation raised over $6 Million for IIT Kharagpur. He co-organized social and professional events for alumni and KGP leadership and initiated the first Global Alumni Leadership meeting. He also played a critical role in an advocacy campaign for IIT KGP (2013).
He was one of the co-founders of the PanIIT alumni movement in the USA (2000-2002), which has since become an organization with a global footprint and impact. Shail served on the PanIIT USA Board (2005) and co-chaired the education program track at the IIT Conference (2013). 
Finally, Shail was instrumental is establishing the UC Berkeley-IIT Kharagpur collaboration (2007-2012), in which close to forty-five IIT Kharagpur students spent 8-weeks conducting research at UC Berkeley. The collaboration was also a catalyst for—UC Berkeley students spending their summer at KGP as part of the Cal Energy Corp initiative, and the establishment of the PK Sinha Center for Bioenergy at IIT KGP.
In addition to a B.Tech (Hons.) from IIT Kharagpur (87, ME, RK) Shail holds an MBA from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.