‘Learn-Earn-Return Fund’ aims to create a financial support system for students and imbibe the culture of giving back among them to sustain the initiative. Students availing benefits under this scheme will be required to take an Honour Pledge to give back to the Institute. Giving back practice by the alumni has brought in transformation on various fronts at the Institute, one of them being student excellence. Supporting students’ excellence is a continuous process which requires more successful KGPians contributing towards it. 


The Institute through the scheme ‘Learn-Earn-Return Fund’ will help students to learn without a burden, shape their career to earn and give back to their Alma Mater. This would create future generations of alumni who would help transform the Institute further. 



Features of the Programme


Graded funding – Scholarships / Waiver will be offered in a graded manner based on the merit and economic background of the students. This waiver amount will be decided depending on amount of fund available. Full fee waiver to be offered to students with exceptional academic record. Also newly admitted students within the top 100 ranks will get a chance to avail this facility. The funding of students may be floating i.e. dependent on the performance of the students every semester.


In order to avail to be selected for this scheme, students will be required to take an Honour Pledge to give back in the ‘Lean-Earn-Return Fund’ after establishing their career. Students should not be in receipt of any major scholarship or fee waiver or having received any disciplinary proceedings or major backlogs as per norms. Student may be required to teach under the Peer Assisted Learning programme or opt as Research assistance at the Institute or other institutional work as intern.


Fund Utilization


The fund raised for this campaign will be partially channelized to support students and partially to build corpus to ensure self sustainability of the scheme. The list of students who would be benefitted from this programme will be made available to the donors to ensure accountability and transparency.


Tax Exemption 


100% Income Tax Exemption will be available under section 80G. The Institute shall provide a tax certificate both in soft and hard copies.


Fund Contribution & Calculation of donation as Units


Contribution of Rs.10000/- is equivalent to 1 Unit and it takes 20 Units to fund a student for one year. You can contribute starting from 1 Unit to as many Units as you desire either one time or in a recurring scheme. 


How to Donate



You may Donate Online on our website or through IIT Foundation US



Please write us at anirban.roy@adm.iitkgp.ernet.in & abhinav@adm.iitkgp.ernet.in to help us track your donation



Learn Earn Return Recurring donation

Contribution for months until further wish