Launching of the IITKgp UK Chapter on 12th May 2017

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 15:15
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Dear Kgpian,

I hope you have received my email a few weeks ago encouraging you to form our UK Chapter and engage more actively with your Alma Mater.  We are happy to inform you that a get-together and dinner has been arranged for KGPians at London on 12th May 2017, Friday where the UK Chapter will be formally launched.
The Institute is keen to build up a strong and vibrant IIT Kharagpur Alumni Chapter in the UK. As a theatre, the UK will become increasingly significant to us.  Outside of the United States, our strongest global engagement is with leading UK institutions featuring joint programs in manufacturing, geology, medicine and aerospace. We are exploring joint degree programs with leading UK institutions just as has been achieved with several universities in Australia, Japan and Germany.

During the meeting on the 12th, we will have presentations and discussions about the specifics of our vision and what together we need to do to achieve it. In a few days, we will circulate the Alumni Charter to the attendees and adopt it on the 12th.


Please register here for the event.


KGPian Ratun Lahiri (, BTech/ME/1991) and Nikunj Mall (, DD/BT/2014) will be coordinating the process of forming the UK Chapter and liaise with the AAIR Office in Kharagpur.


If you have already registered for the event, please forward this to your interested friend. We seek your help in reaching out to as many KGPians as possible and informing them about the event.


Let’s together make this chapter a grand success. 


KGP ka tempo high hai :)

Baidurya Bhattacharya
Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and International Relations
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
India 721302