IITKgp Placement Breaks All-time Record with the Millennial Mark

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The phase I placement season 2017-18 at IIT Kharagpur reached a remarkable milestone with 15% rise in phase I. 1200 students have already been placed.

The surge started when companies like EXL Services, Intel, Adobe System, Barclays (Pune), Citi (Pune), Goldman Sachs, Mentor Graphics, Mercari Japan, Qualcomm, SAP Labs, Samsung, Oyo Rooms and Quantiphi started hiring in large numbers. Quantiphi Analytics emerged as the largest recruiter of the season, till date, offering 34 jobs followed by Intel which made offers to 33 students.
30 international offers were received from Microsoft, Rubrik, Uber, Mercari, LG Korea, Konica Minolta, Halma, CBS Tech, TSMC and others. Apple was the first-time recruiter this year. This year saw a new trend with PSUs started visiting the campus during the month of November, which is much before the actual placement session started. Among the key PSUs which recruited are ISRO, ONGC, IOCL, C-DOT etc.
The placements for UG has an improvement of 12% while the placements for PG has an improvement of 14%, compared to last year. B.Arch saw a huge jump of 20%  this year compared to the last year. This is possible with various measures that are taken to promote placements in general and in particular to PG students. 
Though PhDs graduate spread across the year, this year the Career Development Centre (CDC) has initiated a placement drive for PhDs graduating/graduated within 2 months and this gave a fruitful outcome with 26 PhDs getting placed across reputed Teaching and Research institutions. CDC is taking measures to invite even industries to recruit PhDs. 
“We are extremely happy with the upbeat response that our students have received this recruitment season. While our students have worked very hard, the Institute has been upgrading and updating its curriculum in keeping with the industry requirement. CDC has taken innovative initiatives to strengthen the relationship between the institute and the industry, exploring various avenues to engage beyond recruitment like the industrial internship for a semester or more, organizing open houses and workshops enlightening the students about the importance of core engineering sectors. The students are now reaping the benefits,” said  Prof. Debasis Deb, Chairman of Career Development Centre at IIT Kharagpur.
Phase-II of placement will start in the second week of January.
This placement season has started with 2054 students enrolled for the placement process which the maximum at an individual IIT. This is due to the wide variety of disciplines that are offered by IIT Kharagpur. The 1200 offers are due to 200 companies that visited during the phase-I. This year the Institute witnessed a major surge in PPOs with over 250 students placed before December 1.  
“This year over 60% students who went for internships bagged PPOs. The conversion factor was very high and is a very good sign for the upcoming placement season which starts from 1st December,” explained Prof. Deb.