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Postal Address: Office of Alumni Affairs & International Relations, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Pin-721302, West Bengal, India
Official Contacts: Ph. 03222-282236; alumni @
Dean, Alumni Affairs & International Relations:

Prof. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay                                                                                                     

Ph. (O): 03222-282034; Email: deanaa @                                     

Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs & International Relations:

Prof. Baidurya Bhattacharya                                                                                                

Ph. (O): 03222-283422; Email: adeanaa @

Guest House Booking / Accommodation / Car Hire:

Mr. Sadhan Banerjee, Project Assistant                                                               

Ph. (O): 03222-281065; Email: sadhan @ / alumni @        

Annual Alumni Meet & Batch Reunion

Mr. Pushkar Srivastava, Institutional Development Executive                                                            

Ph. (O): 03222-281856; Email: pushkar.srivastava @ / aao @

Alumni Relations and Connectivity:

Ms. Shruti Singh, Institutional Development Executive                          

Ph. (O): 03222-281860; Email:  shruti @ / alumni @

Alumni Fundraising & Corporate Relations:

Mr. Anirban Roy, Institutional Development Executive        

Ph. (O): 03222-281066; Email:  anirban.roy @ 

Department and Hall Endowment Campaigns:

Mr. Pushkar Srivastava, Institutional Development Executive                                                           

Ph. (O): 03222-281856; Email: pushkar.srivastava @ 

Donation Tax Certificates:                 

Mr. Prasenjit Banerjee, Project Assistant                                               

Ph. (O): 03222-282236; Email: prasenjit @                                                        

Lifelong Alumni Email Service:

Ms. Dipanwita Chakraborty (Biswas), Project Executive     

Ph. (O): 03222-281856; Email: dipanwita @

Alumni Gifts & Souvenirs:

Ms. Chandana Chakraborty 

Ph. (O): 03222-282236; Email: chandana @

Media, Branding & Alumni Communication

Ms. Shreyoshi Ghosh, Institutional Development Executive                                                                                        

Ph (O): 03222 281859; Email:  shreyoshi @


Mr Soumavo Das, Executive Officer

Ph (O): 03222 281006; Email:  soumavo.das @

International Relations:

Ms. Koushiki Mukherjee, Project Executive                        

Ph (O): 03222 281856; Email:  koushiki @


Ms. Alivia Nag, Project Executive                        

Ph (O): 03222 281068; Email:  alivia.nag @

Accounts Reconciliation

Mr. Anand Shankar, Project Assistant

Ph (O): 03222 281067; Email:  f&a @ 

Graphics & Visuals

Mr. Abhinav Kumar, Institutional Development Executive    

Ph (O): 03222 281856; Email:  abhinav @