‘Learn Earn and Return Scheme’ for Students: Request for Contribution

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Monday, May 30, 2016 - 14:30
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‘Learn Earn and Return Scheme’ for Students: Request for Contribution


My Dear Fellow KGPian,


I am writing to you today to seek your support towards ensuring that the rich tradition of student excellence at our Alma Mater continues unabated irrespective of socio-economic factors.We, who studied at IIT Kharagpur, have been blessed with high quality education that came at very little expense, which our guardians could afford without much difficulty in most cases. Through this education we were able to makea firm foundation for our future, indeed contribute and prosper and make one of India’s finest global brands called IIT. We KGPians remember this with gratitude and, I am sure,all of us would like IIT Kharagpur to be a place where the student mind is free to be enriched and sharpened in myriads of ways and the system provides the succour essential to flourish. That is why many alumni have keenly supported the Institute in its many endeavours and we are thankful to our well-wishers.


Good quality higher education is becoming increasingly expensive and the Government is trying its best to support the same through funding. Today the Government pays more than Rs 5 lakhs per student per year for supporting his/her education at IIT Kharagpur. Due to various financial constraints, the fees have been progressively increased in recent times.However, the current fees are still much less than the amount required for the cost of education at IITs. Also the Government has come up with schemes to support students from various sections of the society through waivers. There is a plan on the anvil that the additional fees so collected will be used to support infrastructure development in the IITs through the Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA). IIT Kharagpur has a Merit-cum-Means Scheme in place for a long time whose scope has been recently expanded to help more students. Many alumni and other sponsors have already funded scholarships and prizes through endowments. Banks are giving loans at low or zero interest rates too. Howeverlarge loan exposuresput some pressure on students to look for a job immediately after graduation. This often constrains future career choices, especially higher education, research and entrepreneurship.


I therefore feel theneed to try to create a more encompassing financial support system that will enable the students to plan their future in ways that interests them the most and is likely to create the best outcome of their talents and zeal. It is my belief that we, the alumni and other stakeholders of the Institute like faculty, staff, well-wishers, collaborators, etc., have a major role to play in continuing with the great tradition of providing high quality education at low cost to the students of IIT Kharagpur and developing a sustainable paradigm for the same.


I am therefore proposing a scheme where we request for financial support from the alumni and other stakeholders to provide scholarships / fee waivers to those who need and deserve it. While we use part of the funds received to directly support current students, we will also use part of the funds received, to steadily create a corpus to sustain such a scheme in the future. All students receiving support will be requested to give an Honour Pledge that, they will try their best to return this manifold, so that the scheme can support future generation of KGPians in a sustained manner. This fund, which is proposed to be called the ‘Learn-Earn-Return Scheme', will help students ‘Learn’ and flower into brilliant researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, or whichever else way they wish to grow, without a major financial burden, ‘Earn’ while making an impact on the lives of others, our country and the world, and ‘Return’ to their Alma Materwhichshapedtheir career growth and sustain future KGPians. It is my firm belief that this initiative has the potential tobecome one of the great traditions of IIT Kharagpur and set an example for all higher education institutions.


I appeal to you to consider making a contribution to this fund. You may give money as one-time amount or on a regular basis (monthly, annually, etc). As a KGPian, I have decided to make an annual contribution myself. We will set up a mechanism to provide information about those benefited from this scheme. More details of this scheme can be found in the attached document and text below.

Looking forward to your support to make this 'Learn-Earn-Return' Scheme a grand success.


With warm regards,

Partha Pratim Chakrabarti

Director, IIT Kharagpur