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Kitchen and Dining Renovation Projects

Target Rs 62.6 lakh

Campaign opened on 16.1.17

Campaign closed on 31.1.17

Campaign is now closed.

As on 21.2.17:

Funds raised : Rs 74 lakh

Number of Patelians who have given back: 127


Kitchen renovation project


Civil Works (brickwork, plastering, painting, granite slabs, window repair, flooring repair) + Electrical works Water works = Rs 4.9 L
Equipment (counter, sinks, worktables, shelves, chopping block, chappati making machine, chappati plate with puffer, dough mixer, idli steamer, food warmer, burner ranges, exhaust hoods, refrigerators, trolleys, utensil washing machine, waste disposal etc.) = Rs 19.5 L
Tax and Contingency 20% = Rs 4.9 L
Maintenance 10% = Rs 2.9 L
Overhead 10% = Rs 2.9 L
Total: Rs 35.1 L
Project code: PATEL_2017_KITCHEN
Dining Hall renovation project
Civil Works (woodwork, plastering, painting, granite slabs, marble, railings, window repair, flooring repair) + Electrical works = Rs 12.6 L
Furniture (tables and chairs) = Rs 6.5 L
Tax and Contingency 20% = Rs 3.8 L
Maintenance 10% = Rs 2.3 L
Overhead 10% = Rs 2.3 L
Total: Rs 27.5 L
Project code: PATEL_2017_DINING
New Canteen and Shops building
Civil Works (2 storey building, 5 shops on ground floor, canteen on top, 1200 sqft footprint) = Rs 44L 
Furniture (tables and chairs) = Rs 1.5 L
Kitchen equipment = Rs 2.5 L
Tax and Contingency 20% = Rs 9.6 L 
Maintenance 10% = Rs 5.8 L
Overhead 10% = Rs 5.8 L
Total: Rs 69.1 L
Project code: PATEL_2017_CANTEEN
How to give
Before you give
The Patel alumni group has identified two champions each in the US and India. Please contact Uday Shankar Dutta (; +91-9830090084) or Ramesh Viswanathan (+91-9581412310; or  Sunil Kapoor (, +91-9810160637) for details. The group email id is
These champions will (i) guide their fellow Patelians to transfer moneys into IIT Foundation or AAIR office as appropriate, and (ii) interface with IIT Foundation and AAIR Office to help track the money, and ensure that it is transferred to IITKgp for the targeted project(s). They will also ensure that the targeted budget is achieved for each project. Once the funds have reached IITKgp and budget has been met, IITKgp will take up the execution for the project following usual rules for works/ procurement. Alumni champions will be invited to review the progress of the projects, and periodic account statement will be shared.
Targetting your gift
Please mark your gift with "PATEL_2017_KITCHEN" ,   "PATEL_2017_DINING" or "PATEL_2017_CANTEEN" as appropriate.
Tax Exemption 
Donations to IIT Kharagpur are 100% Income Tax Exempt under section 80G in India. The Institute shall provide a tax certificate both in soft and hard copies. For US residents/citizens, IIT Foundation USA is an IRS 501(c) Organization for tax purposes. 
Please write to ID Executive Mr. Anirban Roy ( for more details, and to help us track your donation.

If you paid online at IIT Foundation, please also write to the Executive Director Ms. Erin Moran ( specifying the target Project for your donation.


Work-in-progress in full swing at PATEL. A Great Support from YOU ALL. Current status will be soon updated