Hall Endowment & Hall Gift

Hall Endowment & Hall Gift Campaigns are intended to address both long-term and immediate needs of the 22 student Halls of Residence of IIT Kharagpur.  

With rising costs of higher education and the diminishing resources available to support campus infrastructure, these Campaigns ensure that students continue to enjoy the rich experience of o campus life at IIT KGP. Both these Campaigns support:


Hall Capacity Building

Upgrading mess facility

Upgrading kitchens

Upgrading recreation rooms

Adding sports facilities

Upgrading library facilities

Student service and student clubs 

Sociocultural activities by students

Technology activitices by student


... and more.


Your Hall Your Pride


Hall giving back initiative helps you reconnect with your old folks to revive the nostalgia of raising the hall tempo. Would you like to be remembered at IIT KGP? Would you like to have the opportunity to show others how living in one of the most spirited residence halls on campus had a positive impact on your life?


If yes, then you can help with all of these by giving to the Hall Endowment/Hall Gift Campaign! 


What is Hall Endowment

The Hall Endowment serves the long-term needs of your Hall. It is a source of perpetual funding for your Hall. Your donation goes into the Hall Endowment as part of the Institute Corpus fund. The interest earned from the Hall Endowment is spent on projects for the Hall. Depending on the value of the interest earned, the Institute selects the projects in consultation with Hall administration and students. 


You get to choose which Hall to give to.  You can also designate all Halls as the recepient of your generosity.


What is Hall Gift


The Hall Gift campaign serves the immediate needs of your Hall.  The AAIR Office defines Projects for your Hall in consultation with the alumni, students and the Hall administration.  We welcome initiatives from the Hall Alumni to help define a new project. Your funds are received for the targeted Project and the Insitute or the Hall excecutes the Project. You are welcome to participate in the process. 

You get to choose which Hall to give to, and for what purpose.
Other Halls will be added shortly


Tax Exemption 

Donations to IIT Kharagpur are 100% Income Tax Exempt under section 80G in India. The Institute shall provide a tax certificate both in soft and hard copies. For US residents/citizens, IIT Foundation USA is an IRS 501(c) Organization for tax purposes. 





Please write us at anirban.roy@adm.iitkgp.ernet.in for more details, or if you have questions, or to help us track your donation