Make a Gift to IIT Kharagpur

IIT KGP deeply appreciates your desire to help the Institute and is counting on you for your generous contributions.

IIT KGP is building an Endowment Fund to support innovation – entrepreneurship – great new projects – face lifting of halls – international student travel grants – young professor incentive – special scholarship to student’s department wise – special funds for departments like Chemical, Mechanical Aerospace and more.

Putting Endowment in focus, we run campaigns to help all the above mentioned purposes. From the interest earned from this Endowment directly goes to the selected causes.

The fund we receive from MHRD are for basic infrastructure and do not support any out of the box initiatives. The Govt wants us to raise funds from various stakeholders, preferably the alumni, to help support various initiative.

Now years later, your beloved KGP is calling you for your direct involvement. Your time at KGP was filled with challenging and meaningful experiences. We know we would not be where we are today without the support of alumni and friends like you who made the KGP experience possible for students and development initiatives for the future.

Please renew your support by making a gift today to any area at KGP that means the most to you.
We will be forever grateful for the opportunities afforded to us through the generosity of KGP alumni and friends.

Few popular areas of making GIFTS are -

Endowments for Chair Professorship, Young Faculty Award and Scholarship are being promoted as per requirement of the Institute or on special request of the alumni. Special gifts like - Expensive lab instruments, gym & mucical instruments for resident halls, ambulance for BC Roy Hospital or you can simply donate as Unrestricted Fund where IIT can choose a suitable campaign to associate with.

B C Roy Technology Hospital is located centrally within the IIT Kharagpur campus. The facility has 32 beds, including a 2 Bedded ICU, Cabins and Isolation Ward. Through its Out Patient Department (OPD), Indoor Wards and Emergency Unit, B C Roy Technology Hospital provides 24x7 uninterrupted health care services to the campus community. On an average approximately 7000 patients attend the OPD at B C Roy Technology Hospital every month. The hospital has a round the clock pharmacy inside it. Ambulance for B. C. Roy Hospital is a program where state of the art ambulances and services will be hired and surplus fund received will go for health and wellness infrastructure at KGP. Mention the tag name "Ambulance" while submitting the "Donation Form" at the "Campaign" section of this page.

The Institute has a process of recruiting and retaining senior faculty,to continue with their excellent contribution in academics and research, by appointing them as Chair Professors. This enhances faculty excellence which not only leads to students’ excellence but also promotes the Institute’s brand and attracting brighter students. These positions are primarily endowed which are funded through alumni, corporate and organizational resources or government grant. To encourage more such Chair Professorships, under the aegis of ID program, the alumni have been facilitated to donate towards it.

Alumni can donate individually or collectively a minimum amount of INR 25 lakhs to set up a Chair Professorship Endowment. The Chair Professorship award will be paid to the incumbent in addition to his/ her usual institute salary of Professor.

In 2011 Ranbir Singh Gupta (B.Arch./1970) has contributed to set up a Chair Professorship Endowment at the Dept. of Architecture and Regional Planning in the name of late alumnus Shri Uday Agnihotri. Recently another Chair Professorship has been instituted in in the name of late alumnus Shri Avinash Gupta at the Dept. of Architecture and Regional Planning funded by friends and family members of Late Mr. Avinash Gupta.
Additionally, faculty awards can be set up by a Chapter or a group of alumni or individual alumnus/alumna for a minimum amount of INR 10 lakhs. One such award has been instituted by IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation India. The award is given to the selected faculty annually.

To ensure the perpetuity of the Chair Professorhsip or Faculty Award, a larged fund contribution is recommended which can be put into endowment. Partial interest out of it will be awarded to the recipient faculty and the remaining part will go back to the endowment to counter inflation.

Upon donating for this programme, send an email to to help us track your donation.

Tax Exemption

100% Income Tax Exemption will be available under section 80G for Indian donations and for USA tax exemptions according to IRS norms. The Institute shall provide a tax certificate both in soft and hard copies.

Normally we see alums from various grad batches contribute in range from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.5 lakhs for their respective batches/initiatives.