Connecting KGPians with common interest through SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

Dear KGPian,
Some of you know me and some may not. So let me first introduce myself.
I am 79/B.Tech (Hons) ECE/RK and 85/M.Tech (ECE: Sat Comm)/GH. Presently I am the President of IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation (India).

Our motto for last two years has been: “Connecting KGPians”. Recently, we have taken the initiative of creating SIGs (Special Interest Groups) to connect KGPians with a common interest. Within last 20 days, we have been able to create 24 SIGs where more than 1000 KGPians are already connected that includes KGPians spread all over the world including some Profs and even students at IIT Kharagpur. The SIGs have been titled as “KGPians4RenewableEnergy”, “KGPians4HigherEducation”, “KGPians4SpaceTechnology” etc.

The full list of the SIGs along with the names of the Admins, their phone numbers and e-mails are attached for your information. Every KGPian can join any number of SIGs of his/her interest. You have to just send a WhatsApp message to the Admin of that SIG with your name/year of passing/hall and department to join any SIG.

There are many more topics like NanoTechnology, Robotics, Mechatronics, Lasers, Smart Cities etc where SIGs can be created. Some of you may be interested to create SIGs for Music and Dramatics even to bring back memories of TDS and TMS under TSG. So if some of you are interested in creating new SIG, just send me the message with your details.

Connecting KGPians with common interest through SIGs on WhatsApp is the first step. These SIGs can open new business opportunities for some of you and can bring consultancy projects for IIT Kharagpur. Some of these groups have already started using other means of exchanging documents etc through e-mails, FB and cloud computing. Some of them from the same town have started personal meetings also. Tomorrow, these SIGs can play a big role in getting internship and job opportunities for our students at IIT Kharagpur. Some senior stalwarts of particular areas can become mentors for young faculty members as well as for students.

We at Alumni Foundation and as active office bearers of various chapters feel that creation of SIGs will be a Win-Win-Win situation for all of us. There could be as many as 50 SIGs within next two or three months. They will be independent entities and all Admins will be connected together through another WhatsApp group named “KGP_SIG_Admins” where they shall share their best practices and good experiences which may be of great use to other SIGs.

You can see the list of various alumni chapters of India and at other countries as well at including contact details of their office bearers. Here, you can connect with the Office Bearers of IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation (India) also. We shall upload the full list of SIGs also on this alumni website.

So let us start connecting with other KGPians with common interests through SIGs and the benefits will automatically follow for all of us and for our dear alma mater, IIT Kharagpur.

Dedicated to The Service of The Nation.

With Warm Regards,

VK Jaitly
Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author
President: IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation (India)
New Delhi-110077, India

Sl No SIG Admin1 KGP Coordinates Admin1 Ph No E-mail ID
1 KGPians4RenewableEnergy Sumit Mukherjee 77/LLR/EE 9821178172
2 KGPians4HealthManagement Protip Ghose 77/RP/ECE 9811015630
3 KGPians4HigherEducation Prashant Singh 85/PH/EE 9811210773
4 KGPians4Education2All Varun Shrivastava 09/RP/IE 9403964879
5 KGPians4Cryogenics Tushar Bhowmik 85/RK/MSc 9810274684
6 KGPians4WaterManagement Dr Kapileswar Mishra 09/VSRC/PhD 9437764060
7 KGPians4MangmntConsulting Saumyadeep Ghosh 17/Meta 9830805832
8 KGPians4Entrepreneurship Sunil Kapoor 86/PH/ME 9810160637
9 KGPians4SpiritualTech Vipin Asija 79/RK/Met 9823067932
10 KGPians4SpaceTechnology Ranbir Sinha 81/LLR/Aero 7036011429
11 KGPians4FutureofHumanity Surojit Mukherjee 79/LLR/Met 9831680055
12 KGPians4Leadership Manoj Chugh 81/RK/Chem 9910228872
13 KGPians4BusinesContinuity Pradeep Prasad 85/RK/Met 9900131474
14 KGPians4DataSciences Burhanuddin Pithawala 09/Az/ME 9886612463
15 KGPians4Shipbuilding Admiral MK Badhwar 73/RP/ME 9868461072
16 KGPians4HSEfor MSMEs Shashank Shekhar 85/RK/Chem 9409102381
17 KGPians4IntgdUrban7RuralD Pavan Gupta 82/PH/Arch 9213221006
18 KGPians4Sustainability Saket Kumar 05/RP/ 9308112345
19 KGPians4DefenceTechnology Lt Gen Utpal Bhattachatyya 69/VS/Civ 9818628667
20 KGPians4CyberSecurity Bikash Barai 04/RK/CSE 9591999864
21 KGPians4OrganicFarming Vishal Singh 11/LBS/Age 8093872582
22 KGPians4AI Subrat Panda 02/Az/CS 9663876485
23 KGPians4ElectricVehicles Siddhartha Mukhopdhyay 85/AZ/EE 9434009086
24 KGPians4CSR C Dhananjay 81/RK/ECE 9845058595
25 KGPians4Innovation Karun Majumdar 81/RK/ME 9422223966