Honey-based Therapy developed by IIT KGP to Prevent Oral Cancer Relapse

India has an alarming figure for deaths due to oral cancer with one death every 6 hours as per Indian Dental Association. 40% of all cancer related cases can be attributed to oral cancer. Though treatments are available at early stages but recurrence is a very common concern in people who have had cancer thus leading to life threat and reverting to painful cancer treatment.

While the medical community has been working towards reducing such incidents, this critical gap in medical intervention, has been addressed by an interdisciplinary research group from IIT Kharagpur, (Monika Rajput, Anji Anura, Dr. Nandini Bhandaru, Dr. Rabibrata Mukherjee and Dr. Jyotirmoy Chaterjee) along with Onco-surgeons/oral-pathologists (Dr. Ranjan Rashmi Paul, Dr. Mousumi Pal and Dr. Barnali Pal). They developed 'honey' based therapeutic patch which has the potential to reduce the chances of recurrence of pre-cancer/cancer and fast healing of the post-tumor resection wound without ca