IIT KGP Researcher turns wastewater into fuel

pilot plant.jpg

Hydrogen fuel derived from industrial wastewater may be driving your cars soon or electricity from biohydrogen light villages in India, say scientists at IIT Kharagpur. This will serve dual purposes: hydrogen production and bioremediation of the wastewater. Hydrogen is found suitable as a fuel in vehicles and all the major automobile companies are in competition to build a commercial car and market hydrogen fuel automobiles in near future. The humongous rise in world energy consumption expected by 2030, would require an alternative fuel resource with highest energy density. Hydrogen fulfils this criterion. Hydrogen is being considered as a fuel for the ‘‘future’’ because it has the highest energy density of 143 kJ/g considering water as a product. 


Speaking to the audience in the ‘International Conference on “21st Century Energy Needs – Materials, Systems and Applications 2016’, Prof. Debabrata Das, facu