IIT KGP Launches Android App for National Digital Library

NDL App.jpg

IIT KGP has launched a mobile app for National Digital Library (NDL), an ambitious project of MHRD, which will bring India’s largest library repository at your fingertip. NDL Android App is available for free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. This repository can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the App or web versions. The App has features to search, browse, filter, tag, comment and metadata view. The Desktop/Laptop (Web Client) however is enabled with the ‘Advanced Search’ feature.

With the exponential growth of mobile usage, NDL App will enable access to rich digital content of libraries across the country and even foreign repositories to the users even in the remotest of areas which is unique not just in the Indian but global context. The world has never seen a digital repository like NDL which is focused on education whereas most other national digital libraries have different focus, mostly culture, museum, etc.