IITKGP - IUP Summer Study on Darjeeling Tea

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*Impact of climate change on the quality and production of Darjeeling tea?*

 A team from IIT Kharagpur and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) are jointly conducting a study to find an answer.

The Department of Architecture and Regional Planning of IIT-KGP and the Department of Geography and Regional Planning of IUP are currently doing the Second Summer Study Abroad Programme in India during June 3 - 18, 2017.

“Through this study we are taking a look at what are the special factors responsible to give Darjeeling tea its unique "Muscatel flavour" and"Exquisite Banquet”. From environmental perspectives we would analyze what changes or climate change impacts have been affecting the tea industries. We would also try to take a look at how the tea-gardens are evolving or changing their production process as a response to that,” said Dr. Haimanti Banerji, Principal Coordinator of the program for IIT Kharagpur.