IITKgp Researchers develop a self-healable polymer for coating and paint applications

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have invented a smart polymeric material which can be healed or self-repaired by heating if there are micro-cracks or scratches. The research team at the Institute’s Centre for Rubber Technology under the leadership of Prof. Nikhil Singha has developed acrylic polymers having specific functional groups. The product is created through a single step reaction with the post-polymerization process taking less than a minute. Organic compounds required for the product are also readily available at economical prices.                         

This material can be used as a coating on glass or metal adds an ultrafast self-healing capacity without the use of any external reagent. This could be of significant use in industrial products and consumer products which are painted as finished products and are damage prone such as vehicles, glass exteriors etc.

This process of self-h