KGPians develop self-driving campus shuttles


3 KGPians, Nalin Gupta, Jit Ray Chowdhury and Srinivas Reddy launched Auro Robotics, an extension of their work on self-driving shuttles to the campus market. The team was part of IIT Kharagpur Robotics Research Group and Y-Combinator.


Auro Shuttles uses latest technology to ensure safe navigation even on busy roads. The driver-less shuttles for in-campus travel would reduce operating cost by 40-60% (by removing driver cost and being powered by electricity).  The shuttles can be used 24x7 and in all weather operation. No special rails or dedicated pathways are required for its operation. The vehicle is equipped with Lasers, camera, Radar and GPS providing it complete 360 degree vision under all environment situations. The shuttles relies on a prior 3D map of the environment, which is created once in the lifetime at the beginning. In all subsequent runs, it uses this 3D map to localise itself and interpret road topography. Passeng