IIT KGP initiated MHRD's National Digital Library Project

The much awaited National Digital Library project is now running in its pilot stage. Seeking to create a national online educational asset for students interested in innovation and research, the project started in August 2014. It is a flagship initiative of MHRD, initiated, conceptualized and being executed by IIT Kharagpur.

The limited launch pilot portal was provided to IIT Kgp students who then tested and submitted feedback to Project committee. With the initial inclusion of more than 50 Institutional Digital Repositories of Indian Universities and Colleges which is the bank of all teaching materials, the project NDL is going to give free access to every student.

The entire project team is working on incorporating video lectures and embed interactive learning softwares that can make the process of transaction of knowledge even more interactive.

The portal is meant for much larger all India community. It will provide its users with all but copyrighted