IIT?Kharagpur innovation to monitor fatigue level in pilots

Fatigue is an important issue of concern for aircraft pilots. A high level of fatigue may well result in accidents, leading to loss of precious lives and resources. Hence, detection of the level of fatigue just before a flight can prevent a possible accident. Evidently, this problem needs to be seriously addressed. Fatigue can be assessed using different measures such as electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, ocular features, blood samples, speech and others. EEG in particular has been reported to be highly authentic for estimating the state of drowsiness. However, measurement of EEG signals needs time and cooperation and may cause inconvenience to the pilot. Since the task of assessing the state of go/no-go for a pilot should be completed within a short duration of time, preferably within a couple of minutes, an appropriate and sensitive measure could be eye saccades. Eye saccades are fast movements of both the eyes in the same direction. It has been widely established that the peak s