IIT KGP Startup HiGrit.com – A Legal Tech Startup to help other startups

Technology is the key to drive change in the legal industry. HiGrit is collaborating with Incubators, Start-ups and businesses to become their legal helping hand. 

There is a segment of new age entrepreneurs who prefer to save time and enjoy the convenience of one point solutions for all their CA and legal requirements over internet rather than running around. This customer segment also wants to achieve more transparency and cost effectiveness which is next to impossible in the complex and confusing traditional method of availing legal services. HiGrit bridges this gap between clients and legal professionals. 

India’s legal profession is the world’s second largest, with more than 600,000 lawyers in more than 500 legal practices nationwide and 115,540 practicing chartered accountants.

About HiGrit

Founded by Ashish Bais and Manish Singh,HiGrit.com is a platform, to organize and si