IIT Kharagpur promoting Aerial Robotics technology


In the age of stealth war and space technology aerial robotics is gaining quite a momentum. The domain has since stirred interest of the young techno enthusiasts and has found an obvious way 

among the students at India’s top engineering colleges. Leading the trend, a group of students at IIT Kharagpur are working towards building autonomous aerial vehicles.


Named Aerial Robotics Kharagpur or ARK in short, this is an initiative under the Centre for Excellence in Robotics funded by the Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy facility of the Institute. The Centre has received funding from the Institute to the extent of Rs. 5 crores for 12 projects.


Under the ARK initiative, drones are being developed which would be capable of autonomous flight, localization in GPS denied environments, tracking and interacting with mobile ground robots as well as other drones, and much more. “ARK aims to develop a fl