Gold for IIT KGP Students for Ideating Innovative Wastewater Treatment Process


IIT KGP student team has won Gold at the Green Brain of the Year competition is organized by Middle East Technical University, Turkey. The contest has been devised to increase and enhance the international awareness of the Vital Triad: Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Energy, and Sustainable Water Resources among youth. The winning team members have won a prize money of Euro 1000 each. About 328 teams from 24 countries participated in the first round of the 5th “Green Brain of the Year”. 

The team from IIT KGP proposed a microalgae-mediated wastewater treatment process which simultaneously has the potential to address the problems of carbon dioxide emissions and energy crisis. Shruti Sarode and Ashutosh Singh, B.Tech. students at the Dept. of Biotechnology have been working on microalgal cultivation techniques and explored its potential to solve the major problems of wastewater treatment, carbon dioxide emissions as well as the energy crisis. Based on