IIT KGP to undergo Smart Energy Automation


The escalating electricity bills is quite a worrisome situation for many of us, with that it is aggravated with us often forgetting to switch off the lights, fans, TV, AC. Smart Energy Management System has been able to manage the issue to certain extent but the cost at which it comes almost negates its benefit. But Indians always come up with a low-cost but effective solution. This is what the IIT Kharagpur start-up, Alive Home has to offer, a Smart Energy Management System, and connecting you to all your appliances from anywhere in the world if you have internet connectivity, at one tenth of other alternates available in the market. 

IIT Kharagpur is the first to adopt this system in its attempt to efficiently manage energy and promote conservation. The hostels at IIT Kharagpur will soon be brought under this Smart Energy Management System. One hostel (Meghnad Saha Hall of Residence – two blocks) has already been ap