Self-cleaning and Cancer Remedial Nanotechnology- Award-winning Innovation by IIT KGP Scientist


Dr. Nandini Bhandaru, from the department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, has developed a technique for creating nanostructure surfaces which have excellent self-cleaning properties along with finding its potential in cancer treatment. This technique enables possible alignment of the self assembled nano domains in a thin polymer blend film using topographically patterned substrates and templates. This has similar properties as surface of lotus leaves from which a water drop rolls off automatically and takes along with it any accumulated dust. Such multi component films find wide application in various areas such as optoelectronic devices, plastic solar cells, biological scaffolds etc.


This research work has been well appreciated in the scientific community and has earned Bhandaru the prestigious "Young Scientist Award" from "Indian Science Congress Association" in the Theme "Engineering Science" for the year 201