Are your IoT devices secured? IITKGP develops light weight IoT Security technology

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It often happens with us that we reach home to darkness or an empty refrigerator. But with Internet of Things (IoT), the world is changing so fast that you can switch on your home lights or get reminders to refill your refrigerator and buy groceries on your way back from work. And these are the least of what a smart IoT infrastructure can do. IoT today is significantly used in healthcare, logistics, transportation, fin-tech, telecom, smart cars etc. Through IoT, doctors can remotely monitor the pacemaker is a patient’s heart and modify its pace. So can a route be redefined for a truck already on road carrying cold storage to reduce power consumption or that of smart cars being guided of road traffic. In nutshell your world is at the control of your fingertips.

What would look as ‘the future is here’ is not without a nemesis - manipulation of command control by malicious adversaries. The IoTs run on a command being sent out from one device to another throu