IIT Kharagpur to lead India to become a Clean Energy Destination


IIT Kharagpur will lead a UK-India Joint Virtual Centre in Clean Energy in partnership with a consortium to develop innovative solutions for integration of renewable energy and storage into the Indian and UK power grid. This will also target remote isolated areas that are not connected to the national grid and are dependent on local electricity generation, which makes them vulnerable in times of shortage of power.

Conversion of power usage to renewable energy is a goal which is being adopted across the globe. India aims to increase the amount of electric power from clean energy resources to 40% by 2030. A target of 100GW is set for solar power alone by 2022. However, this would require accurate forecasting and grid control strategy to minimise risk arising out of variability, congestion etc. Alternatively high capacity storage will help but will increase the operational cost. Germany has solved the situation by introducing high ramp-up capability. However such solution is