Breakthrough Biofuel Technology from IITKGP

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Breakthrough technology from IITKGP can become a game changer for Indian biofuel industry

The researchers at IIT Kharagpur have achieved a breakthrough that will change the way biofuel is manufactured all over the globe by making the process cheaper, quicker and above all pollution free.

The ‘soil-to-soil’ manufacturing technology developed at the P. K. Sinha Centre for bioenergy at IIT Kharagpur is in the process of being patented. Explaining how the technology would work Dr. Rintu Banerjee, Professor of Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering, Ex-Chair professor, MNRE, P. K. Sinha Center for bioenergy said, “2g bioethanol can be produced from various naturally available lignocellulosic components. But to do so it needs to be treated chemically and in some cases physic-chemically. Because of chemical treatment the process contributes to polluting the environment. We have replaced this chemical treatment with enzymes which degrade the li