KGPians create multilingual speech-to-text app


A Bangalore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup has come up with a speech recognition app that can convert your speeches to text format as you speak. Unlike other similar apps in the market like Speechnotes and ListNote or even Google’s app, can support multiple Indian languages and identify various accents/dialects and voice modulation. The startup is led by three KGPians, Subodh Kumar (2004/CS/BTECH/RP), Sanjeev Kumar (2004/BT/BTECH/AZ) and Kishore Mundra (2004/CS/DD/LLR). 

According to the company, the app is designed to work amidst background noise without loss of data, which makes sure that maximum content is absorbed with minimal errors.

“ is about giving voice to a billion people using our deep technical expertise,” said Co-founder and CEO Subodh Kumar. “As an alternative to typing, people can now use their voice-to-text chat on apps like Facebook and WhatsApp by speaking in their own language.”