Student from IIT KGP develops mobile app for hassle free railway ticket booking

Ticketing App.jpg

A student from IIT KGP, Runal Jaju, has developed a mobile app titled 'Ticket Jugaad', along with his cousin Shubham Baldava, who studies in NIT Jamshedpur. The app is not only free for download but also charges nothing from passengers even for the service that it provides.

Ticket Jugaad gives alternative ticket options in the same train by identifying empty routes in a journey, when tickets for a particular route may be unavailable according to IRCTC data. Download the App on Playstore

"There are some station-wise quotas for ticket booking. For example if you are booking a ticket from station A, it might put you on the waiting list, but if you book it from the previous station, it may be available. If you try to manually find out such routes where tickets are available, it beco