IIT KGP and Curtin University to offer Dual Doctoral Degree Program

IIT Kharagpur has signed an MOU with Curtin University, Australia to offer Dual Doctoral Degree Program (DDDP). 

As per the MOU, a doctoral student of IIT Kharagpur may apply for the DDDP. The student may be admitted to DDDP if the student is academically accepted by the Curtin University.  If admitted to DDDP, the student will be required to stay for one year in Curtin University – his/her international travel will be supported by IIT Kharagpur and local expenses during the stay in Australia will be supported by Curtin University. 

The doctoral students from Curtin University will also be eligible for the same programme on a reciprocal basis. For the award of DDD, a student has to satisfy the academic requirements of both IIT Kharagpur and Curtin University. 

Although the DDDP includes all areas of work, the institute has decided to concentrate initially on three broad areas namely (i) Sustainability /Future of Cities/ Smart C