IIT KGP Researchers develop lab-on-a-chip with electrically increased liquid flow

A team of Indian researchers has shown how electric fields can be used to enhance peristalsis - successive wave-like motions which helps you keep chewed food down and ferry it to your stomach - in a finding which, they say, may act as a model for the design of lab-on-a-chip devices.

At the Microfluidics Laboratory of the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, researchers have envisaged exploring massive augmentation in peristaltic flow through on-chip control, by simply applying an external electric field.

"Such an advantageous mechanism has the potential to aid researchers in studying targeted drug delivery, augmenting biophysical fluid transport in human bodies, and observing and controlling chemical reaction and mixing in surface-modulated fluid flow environments," said Suman Chakraborty, leader of the Microfludics Laboratory and head of the School of Medical Science and Technology.

Peristalsis refers to the mechanism of fluid transport