Young IIT KGP Alumnus offers helping hand school for underprivileged children


For some, a software developer's job with Microsoft with a salary of Rs 1.2 crore per annum at their Redmond headquarters in Washington could be reason enough to feel on top of the world and lose sight of all other mundane issues for a brief celebratory while at least. Not so for KGP alumnus Vatsalya Chauhan, who has set himself a loftier goal which he wants to realise before he sets foot into the lucrative and challenging corporate world.

Before flying out to the US, Chauhan, a 2016 graduate of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, wants to set up a school for the children of Maoists in the Naxalite bastion of Khagaria in North Bihar, the town he himself hails from. Right now, he has returned to his native town with his IITian friends, Ashutosh Baheti and Dhruv Jain to work on the project of his dreams: to provide affordable education for the many talented children in this small town who are starved of guidance.

The trio are