Hall Endowment & Hall Gift


Hall Endowment & Hall Gift Campaigns are intended to address both long-term and immediate needs of the 22 student Halls of Residence of IIT Kharagpur.  

With rising costs of higher education and the diminishing resources available to support campus infrastructure, these Campaigns ensure that students continue to enjoy the rich experience of o campus life at IIT KGP. Both these Campaigns support:


Hall Capacity Building

Upgrading mess facility

Upgrading kitchens

Upgrading recreation rooms

Adding sports facilities

Upgrading library facilities

Student service and student clubs 

Sociocultural activities by students

Technology activitices by student


... and more.


Your Hall Your Pride


Please feel free to contact us:
Anirban Roy Lead Fundraising & Corporate Relations — anirban.roy@adm.iitkgp.ac.in

Donors’ Services:

  • Exemption of Income Tax u/s 80(G) of the Income Tax Act-1961 for Indian Donors.
  • Charitable Donation made to IIT Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are deductible for US Federal and State Income tax purpose.