Batch Endowment


It seeks to raise a minimum of Rs. 50 Lakhs per batch to make the batch a “Founding Endowment Batch” and Rs.1 Crore to make the batch "Super Founding Endowment Batch". 

IIT-KGP has always been the source of enlightenment and inspiration to thousands of youth for more than six decades. It was the dream of independent India to take the quality of its higher education to world class standard and IIT-KGP has successfully achieved it. However, in this new era, the challenge is bigger. With more institutions including IITs coming up, need for greater professionalism at every stage of management and innovations driven research has become very important in educational institutions.


The utilisation of the endowment fund will be controlled by the members of IIT KGP Endowment Committee consisting of Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (Director KGP, Chairman), Prof. Sriman Bhattacharya (Deputy Director KGP, Member), Prof. Siddhar