IIT KGP to undergo Smart Energy Automation

The escalating electricity bills is quite a worrisome situation for many of us, with that it is aggravated with us often forgetting to switch off the lights, fans, TV, AC. Smart Energy Management System has been able to manage the issue to certain extent but the cost at which it comes almost negates its benefit. But Indians always come up with a low-cost but effective solution. This is what the IIT Kharagpur start-up, Alive Home has to offer, a Smart Energy Management System, and connecting you to all your appliances from anywhere in the world if you have internet connectivity, at one tenth of other alternates available in the market. 
IIT Kharagpur is the first to adopt this system in its attempt to efficiently manage energy and promote conservation. The hostels at IIT Kharagpur will soon be brought under this Smart Energy Management System. One hostel (Meghnad Saha Hall of Residence – two blocks) has already been approved for installation of Smart Switch Modules under this project. In addition approval has also been given for a floor in the Nalanda Academic Complex wherein Wireless MCB Controller will be installed. The company will further install Wireless AC Controller in the offices and quarters. IIT Kharagpur would be the first campus in India to have Smart Energy Management System which is even a much sought-after practice at global scale. Prof. P K Dan, who is mentoring the group working on this project, says “the benefit is not only the reduction in electricity consumption and the cost thereof, at the campus but in a larger perspective at macro level it curbs carbon footprint”. He further adds, “the patronage of Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Director, IIT kharagpur, for this project, will go a long way in creating a culture of design-innovation led entrepreneurship, opening further opportunities in the energy domain, one that has emerged as extremely important mission, both nationally and globally”. 
The Smart Switch Modules from Alive Home are smart and easy to install with three easily detachable components will replace the regular and mundane switchboards. The switchboard and the app are connected to each other through our secure cloud servers, round the clock. The user can access all the automated appliances using the Alive Home smartphone app or web application and control all the appliances. The system will not only bring your appliances at your fingertip but will also give you access of real time data of energy being used by your appliances and notify you when an appliance that should supposedly be off is still on. You would be able to schedule your appliance as per your need and save a lot of electricity, resulting in reduction of your electricity bill.      
The cost of installation of the Smart Switch Modules for a 2BHK apartment would be available at a flat price of INR 50,000/- against the current market price of about INR 5 Lakhs. Eight appliances can be automated within a price of INR 6,000/-. “Our target to provide high end, technically advanced product but at a price which is one/tenth of the other alternatives in the market, with hassle free installation, cyber security and easy maintenance services are our major focus”, said Poonam Gupta, Founder & CEO, Alive Home.