When GES 2017 became the hunting ground for internships in startups

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 hosted by the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Kharagpur from February 3 to February 5 became a true breeding ground for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow when several startups came to the institute with internship offers.
"This is a big opportunity for those planning to launch their startups in near future. They would get to work with the startups and gather firsthand experience of working and building an organization from scratch. They will learn the tricks of shaping an idea into reality and get paid too!," said Chakit Chawda, assistant manager of the entrepreneurship cell of IIT KGP.  
This year over 1500 students from about 80 institutes all over the country participated in GES."We are looking for over 1000 engineers to intern with us for a year. They would be working on technology based high-impact social projects that helps saving and improving lives of our country men," said Glenn, one of the promoters of Supervasi, an organization that works towards improving the lives of tribal's.
Hunny Bhagchandani, founder if Torch-It a startup for easing the life of visually impair too was at the venue. Bhagchandani's Torch-It has won Empresario 2017, the Annual Global Business Model Competition under GES where business ideas in all fields ranging from Product and Service, Product Design to Social get equal opportunity to win a cash prize and numerous other incentive. Torch-It won the competition in product design category on February 4 and a day later on February 5 Bhagchandani was seen scanning through the CV's of students for an internship with his startup! Initial entries were 2500 approximately for Empressario. Semi finalists who were mentored 100. Final was among 33 startups. About 50 more startups participated in the workshops and startup camps.
"The torch developed by me replaces the conventional white cane. Our handheld device with distance sensors vibrates and lets the visually impaired know his distance from objects around him. Thereby irradiating chances of them stumbling over objects. Today I am looking for interns who would be helping me in further developing the product and do its branding. We have already received an order of 2000 piece and would go on production next month,"  Bhagchandani said.
There were internship offers for the social media junkies too! "Asaan.com is a platform which would help your friend shop by analyzing products and services through social media reviews, uploads, sharing and comments uploaded by you! When your friends buy things you recommend they get a cash back and you earn money too. For our initiative we are looking for interns to work as data analysts and digital marketing experts," said Aashish Sehgal, founder.
"This would be a great way to learn about going ahead with startups. I have put my CV for four startups, let's see what happens," said Vineet Kapoor, from Ranchi University.