National Digital Library at IITKGP to breed a new segment of Start-ups

At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing for a 'Digital India', IIT Kharagpur is working towards helping start-ups to weave their businesses around the concept. 

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit '2017 at IIT Kharagpur opened up a new area for the start-ups to explore - 'Edupreneurship' (entrepreneurial venture targeting the education segment) by using the resources of National Digital Library (NDL), the open-to-all repository of huge volume of digitized educational contents of the country.

By 2030, India will be amongst the youngest nations in the world.Andaccording to FICCI 2013 report to cater to the knowledge building of this young population India will need six universities and 270 colleges each month for the next 20-years! "No doubt the sector is going through rapid growth and would have a great demand to help the students and all other stake holders," said Prof. P. K. Dan, of Rajendra Mishra School of Engin