IITKGP B-School – the stimulant of innovative management education

It is popular among engineering graduates to opt for management career. Following this trend India’s best engineering colleges, IITs pioneered management education way back in the 90s’. IIT Kharagpur was the first IIT and among the foremost engineering colleges to set up a business school, Vinod Gupta School of Management in 1993. This became the precedent of management education by engineering colleges. IITs which are typically renowned for technology-based education are now leaders in management education as well. This is evident from the NIRF Management ranking this year, in which business schools of three IITs, Kharagpur, Delhi and Roorkee, have featured in the top 10 list, among a total number of 542 business schools who submitted data for the rank. The key strength of these three b-schools has turned out to be Research and Professional Practice in which they are the top-ranking b-schools in India.
While ‘teaching and learning’ is the primary aspect of every b-school, research and research output such as research publications, intellectual property, consulting services, development programmes, open up new paradigms of management processes and initiatives. “Faculty must undertake innovative and deep-learning R&D projects to add new dimensions to classroom teaching” says Prof. Prabina Rajib, Acting Dean of Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM).
VGSoM was modeled on similar lines to the Sloan School of Management at MIT, while aligning itself to the research focus of its mother institution IIT Kharagpur. Annually, more than fifty research papers are published in peer reviewed international journals by its 16 faculty, which are also widely cited. The faculty are engaged in several multidisciplinary R&D projects in the Institute as well as with other institutions. The Fin-Tech collaboration with SBI is one such programme where VGSoM has been roped in along with two other top departments of IIT Kharagpur. The faculty from the School will contribute towards the collaborative programme through human resources development, academic programmes, identification of thematic research areas matching market trends et al.
The School is also part of the multi-institutional Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) offered jointly by IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta and Indian Statistical Institute, wherein the and faculty from VGSoM will engage with the technology aspects of analytics.
The dynamism of VGSoM faculty has led the School to integrate its courses with the interdisciplinary programmes of IIT Kharagpur. The ‘Financial Engineering’ course offered by the School is highly popular among the B.Tech. and Dual Degree students who aim for a career in finance domain. The School is backed by the interdisciplinary engineering, science and mathematics platforms of IIT Kharagpur which present a unique opportunity to its students to pursue electives in various subjects other than Management. This sharpens their domain knowledge and their capability as efficient managers. The quality of the students is manifest in the large number of awards won by VGSoM students in competitions organised by reputed management schools and organisations all over the country.   
VGSoM actively explores associations with big corporates and organizations taking an initiative to bring about positive change in the society. CEOs and CXOs from prominent companies visit the School as part of its weekly lecture series popularly known as “VARTAA”. Training and grooming are other aspects which the School ensures. Students are being sent for international internships, several of which are being supported by the alumni. "I would say that number one priority is teaching the students leadership qualities, it is not just the book knowledge but how to be a good public speaker, how to be a good communicator, how to be a good leader" said Vinod Gupta on recounting his motivation behind setting up the business school.
With a batch of 120 students graduating every year, VGSoM receives many more offers than what is required to secure 100% placement. The School continues to secure good number of offers in Operations, Consulting, Analytics, Sales & Marketing and Financial domains. “Every year VGSoM continues to grow and the strong placement season is a mere reflection of the confidence reposed by companies in the talent of the students and the knowledge imparted here” said  Prof. Arun Misra, Chairperson (Placements), Vinod Gupta School of Management.