IIT-KGP Researchers give new hope for areas with arsenic-contaminated water

Treating arsenic-contaminated ground water can be low cost, low maintenance and eco-friendly, thanks to an innovative new filter developed by Dr Sirshendu De and his team

The immensity of the public health problem created by chronic arsenic contamination of groundwater in several countries of the world is well-documented. Over a hundred million people in India and Bangladesh alone are exposed to the high risk of skin and other cancers as well as other health hazards proven to be linked to the presence of arsenic in drinking water.


A team of researchers at the Department of Chemical Engineering of IIT Kharagpur, led by Prof Sirshendu De, has evolved an ultra low cost activated laterite-based arsenic filter that has opened up new pathways for tackling the problem of arsenic contaminated groundwater.  (Image: Prof. De with a student from a school where the filter technology has been installed with a warning sign not to waste arsenic free