IIT-KGP Alumnus Publishes Superhero Novel: THE LEGEND OF YUCK-MAN


‘Superhero novels’ as a genre has not been aptly explored in India, even though a huge fan base of pop culture - and, more specifically, superhero stories – exists among the youth in India. The Legend of Yuckman is a fresh addition to prose on superheroes. It introduces an Indian super-villain called Yuckman. Yuckman is a young boy who turns into a monster after getting exposed to industrial effluents and waste. Whoever has ever witnessed Yuckman in person has exclaimed in horror “Yuck!” The foul smell emanating from him causes nausea to even the best of nerves. If his looks and smell are his powers, his fatal attraction towards the fairer sex is his weakness. Bold and villainous that he is, Yuckman gets nervous in the company of young ladies. He would go to any length to comfort a damsel in distress, although his post-modern looks and smelly ecosystem are what causes distress to damsels in the first p