KGP Alum Entrepreneurs offering online marketplace for logistics transactions

Two alumni of IIT Kharagpur Rajesh Yabaji (DD/MT/2010) and Chanakya Hridaya (DD/ ME/2013) have developed an online marketplace for logistics transactions, helping customers move Full Truck Loads between cities. Named BlackBuck, the company caters from big corporations to small businesses. 


The current transportation gets executed through a market structure which results in multiple inefficiencies for both trucker and customer. Customer has the issues of quality of transportation, availability and pricing. The truck owner is unable to discover the right price in the market, sweat the asset and safeguard against malpractices. Overall, the freight market is not structured today for a streamlined transaction. Using technology, we are making the overall process simple and effective.


BlackBuck, the business to business (B2B) logistics start up, brings truckers and customers on a platform to execute the transaction using intelligen