TALK@KGP: Engineering for global impact

The School of Medical Sciences and Technology at IIT Kharagpur organized a talk by Dr Sushanta Mitra of York University, highlighting the power of interdisciplinary and collaborative research in mitigating global challenges.


As the world grapples with challenges larger than itself, the true scope of science and engineering could well be realized by working on problems faced by society and with diverse stakeholders from society. 


The message was loud and clear in the talk on “Convergence of Science and Technology for Globally Challenging Problems” delivered by Dr Sushanta K Mitra at the School of Medical Science and Technology at IIT Kharagpur on 5 January, 2016. 


Dr Mitra, Associate Vice President - Research and holder of the Kaneff Professorship in Micro and Nanotechnology for Social Innovation at York University, Canada, has been working towards creating