3 IITKGP Students Bag Honda YES Award

The year has begun on a happy note for IITKGP with three of its students bagging the prestigious Y-E-S (Young Engineer and Scientist’s) award for 2017-18. The award, together with a cash prize of US$ 3,000, is presented every year by the Honda Motor India Pvt Ltd to students for academic brilliance and for their contribution in guiding society towards an ecotechnological orientation. The three award-winners from IITKGP, Piyush Nanda, Bindu Sancheti and Ayan Majumder undeniably have a brilliant track record.

Sancheti ranks second among dual degree students of chemical engineering and is among the top 5% students to be offered a major change owing to her outstanding performance in the first year. Majumder too is currently ranked second amongst dual degree students of mechanical engineering in the institute. Nanda, a third year UG student of biotechnology, won the IconSWM Excellent Paper Award, 2016 at the 6th International Conference on solid waste management organized by Jadavpur University, Kolkata and the first prize for his presentation on “Green Chemistry for Sustainable Future” during the International Year of Chemistry, 2011.

Each of the three has won commendable international and national recognition for their work in ecotechnology and bagged summer internships in renowned institutions on the basis of their work. But neither academic performance nor past record alone qualified them for the award. They not only had to get past a rigorous screening process but were also judged on the basis of their essays and survive two rounds of interview for their selection.

The Y-E-S award makes the three eligible for stage II of the process, or the Y-E-S Award Plus, which assures them a credit-granting internship program offered by a Japanese company or research institute and the opportunity of further study in Japan which is valid for three years. Majumder is naturally ecstatic. Apart from the boost the award gives to the CV, he says, “unlike other scholarship programs, this award provides us with the freedom to pursue an internship anywhere in Japan which can be both a research or an industrial one.” Also, securing an internship in the highly acclaimed universities of Tokyo and Kyoto becomes much easier as Honda YES award is well-recognized in Japan. “Internship from these universities… will help us in developing a good grasp about the latest developments in our respective fields and also in improving our knowledge and research experience.”

Is it then asking for the moon? Not at all, says Majumder. In fact, he highly recommends students give the awards a crack, especially those interested in ecotechnology. “From the first or second year itself, they should get into research projects which are either directly or indirectly related to ecotechnology.” While preparing for the award, Majumder says, one must have a solid research experience, try and maintain a good CGPA and brush up their English. “Finally students need to stay calm and confident during the whole evaluation process.” A cakewalk isn’t it?