IITKGP Students and Faculty to visit MIT for IIT-MIT India Practicum

Students and faculty members from the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning IITKGP will be visiting MIT, Boston this summer for the conclusion of the year-long joint practicum with the School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There would be students’ group wise presentations, panel discussions with invited guests, dialogues on the learning from the practicum and future extension of the research. A join report will be published. Several proposals and research findings on scrutiny will be presented in suitable forum for practical implementation.
The team from IITKGP includes 12 students from Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research levels and two faculty members from the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning. The MIT team comprises 15 students and two faculty members. 
“Using Shantiniketan as a test bed, the course aims to create much needed awareness on current issues of urban and regional planning among students and develop inquisitiveness and passion for research and an attitude toward creative problem solving” said Prof. Haimanti Banerji.


After an exhaustive field work and series of lectures from various domain experts, students had collated their thoughts and research questions related to the case study area. These were presented in a One-day workshop at the American Centre “Triple Bottom Line Approach for a Sustainable Heritage City”. Later, lectures and tutorials were held at MIT and IITKGP in parallel, many of which were conducted by means of videoconferencing. A repository of knowledge has been created in a shared platform accessed by the students and faculty from both the institutes.
“This is a unique platform to combine the strength of IITKGP and MIT and give students, exposure to a cross-cultural and cross dimensional scenario for understanding the urban dynamism and challenges faced by planners from a regional perspective. We are positive about a longer partnership between the participating institutes” said Prof. Subrata Chattopadhyay, Head of the Department. The bilateral event should be able to propose a way forward for joint research faculty and student exchange in the next few years between IITKGP and MIT. 
“We are also very excited about the fact that the students from MIT will be hosting the IIT students as their house guests which will lead to cultural interchanges and bonding between the students of these two institutes” added Prof. Banerji.