IITKGP Students Pledge to Learn Earn and Return

IIT Kharagpur conferred the first ever Learn-Earn-Return Fellow Award to 3 of its 1st year students. The award was instituted by Prof. P P Chakrabarti, Director, IIT Kharagpur, in July 2016 with the funding crowdsourced from the alumni. Jyoti Agrawal, Jyotisman Das and Rathin Singha from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering were the recipients. The fellow award was conferred on the occasion of the Annual Alumni Meet on January 13, 2018 in the presence of about 300 alumni who came from India and abroad.
"The concept of Learn-Earn-Return involves supporting a student and enabling them with the vision of extending similar support as an alumnus towards future generations of students at IIT Kharagpur. So it's a full circle of life which LER represents" said Prof. Chakrabarti. ?[Know More about Learn-Earn-Return]
About 120 alumni from all over the world and India donated for this award since its launch. Donate Now
"LER is unique in the way that it enables us to meet various expenses of students associated with academics and research projects. I have taken the pledge to give back to my Alma Mater as I grow in my life" said Jyotisman Das.
"I am elated with the award as it is an honour to stand in front of the alumni and be the recipient of their care and affection for us their junior siblings. Also, I feel the girls in the country and their parents should know about it and feel motivated to pursue a career in engineering" said Jyoti Agrawal.
Each of the students will receive Rs. 10000/- per month for 4 years as a cash award. At the end of the first semester of the 1st year, it will be awarded based on JEE Advanced rank. From second semester onward the recipients of the award would have to maintain a CGPA 9. 
Rathin Singha pointed out that LER would help him pursue his studies without worrying about the financial burden.
"I have observed the IIT alumni, many of them, are eager to bestow their love on their alma mater. Some as teachers, some as industry collaborators, several as contributors of major programs at the IITs. IIT Kharagpur leaped to new heights due to generous contributions from alumni. Many were self-motivated while many others were approached by us. LER is our conscious effort of creating philanthropists of tomorrow not just for the benefit of IIT Kharagpur students but India as a whole which takes pride in the ideologies of Daana and Tyaga. The culture of giving back is our heritage and we must revive it and practice it for the benefit of India" maintained Prof. Chakrabarti.