IITKGP Launched UK Alumni Chapter

While a lot of alumni changed their busy travel schedules to attend the event, several of them helped organize the event and some even volunteered to design an app for the UK Alumni Chapter. The Chapter nominated as President, Ratun Lahiri, who graduated from IITKGP in 1991 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. "The launch of the IIT Kharagpur UK Alumni Chapter heralds exciting tidings for KGPians in the UK. The association will help us stay connected to KGP, and to each other, wherever we are in our lives now” said Ratun, who works in Financial Services and was formerly Head of Global Development at the London Stock Exchange Group.

Some of the proposed activities of the Chapter aimed to have a direct impact on the development of IIT Kharagpur are (1) to encourage the alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the Institute in keeping with its ideals, (2) to organize and establish Scholarships/Fellowships/Chairs/Faculty Awards for the Institute by the name of UK chapter, (3) to receive fund from alumni for various programmes of the Foundation for non-profit purposes, (4) to encourage bright and promising academics in the UK to join the IIT Kharagpur faculty etc.
"The UK chapter of IITKGP is well on the way to a re-emergence. I am enthused by the number of young people who attended, full of ideas, intent and energy. This bodes well for the future" said Prof. R Ajit Shenoi, Director, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute, who graduated from IITKGP in 1969 with B.Tech. in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture.
IITKGP has an alumni Foundation in USA which was set up way back in the 90s' and has contributed towards several developmental initiatives undertaken by the Institute. From fundraising for IITKGP to networking with the alumni in USA, supporting recruitment of prospective faculty or offering support to IITKGP students travelling to USA for competitions and conferences, the Foundation has a gamut of agenda towards supporting the vision and goals of the Institute. 


"As a theatre, the UK will become increasingly significant going forward. Outside of the United States, our strongest global engagement is with leading UK institutions featuring joint programs in manufacturing, geology, medicine and aerospace. We are exploring joint degree programs with leading UK institutions just as has been achieved with several universities in Australia, Japan and Germany" said Prof. Baidurya Bhattacharya, Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs & International Relations, IIT Kharagpur, who was present in the inauguration ceremony.


Prof. P P Chakrabarti, Director of IIT Kharagpur will visit the country by the end of June and take the agenda of the UK Alumni Chapter further.

Chapter Office Bearers:
President: Ratun Lahiri (91/BTech/ME/SN), ratun [at] btinternet [dot] com 
Vice President: Prashant Gupta (2002/BTech/EE), prashantrex [at] gmail [dot] com
Treasurer: Vivek Agarwal (88/BTech/CH/RP), vivekagarwal [at] rediffmail [dot] com
Secretary: Nikunj Mall (2014/DD/BT/PH), mallniku [at] gmail [dot] com