IITKGP Alumnus Lallit Anand receives Highest Teaching Award at MIT

will be receiving the ?Den Hartog Distinguished Educator Award for 2017. This is the highest award conferred for excellence in teaching Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Anand is the Warren and Towneley Rohsenow Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT. He received his B.Tech. (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur in 1970, and earned his PhD degree in 1975 from Brown University. 
Anand teaches undergraduate and graduate subjects related to Mechanics of Materials, Solid Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, and Plasticity at MIT. He has been engaged in a broad-

ranging research program in Mechanics of Materials which brings systematic theory, experiment, and computation to model the large inelastic deformation of a wide variety of engineering materials, including polycrystalline metals, granular materials, amorphous metals, and polymers. Many of the theories that he has developed have been numerically implemented in finite-element-based computer programs and are widely used for structural and materials-processing design in engineering. 
He has published over 100 archival journal papers, and advised the research of 25 PhD students at MIT, and numerous Masters students. He has received several awards and honours and has served various leadership positions in MIT and in organizations related to his area of work. Lallit Anand received Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Kharagpur in 2011.