Vinod Gupta School of Management at IITKGP Records All-time High in Girls' Enrollment

The Vinod Gupta School of Management kick-started its new academic year with its silver jubilee batch of 2017. With 126 enthusiastic students, it is expected that they will take the legacy of this proud Institute forward the same way their previous batches did. These are young MBA aspirants hailing from 21 different states who add a great deal to the Institute in terms of cultural identity and rich diversity.
The most distinguishing characteristic, however, is the gender ratio. It’s a distinctive batch with 28% female students, which is phenomenal when compared to the whole of the IIT gender ratio of 10%. As compared to the previous batch of 25 girls and 86 boys, the present batch comprises 35 girls and 91 boys which is the highest female ratio ever for new admissions at VGSoM.
Mr. Vinod Gupta expressed his happiness with this gender diversity. He quoted, “I came from a village where girls were not educated. My mother made it a goal to educate children in her village. Now we educate over 800 girls a year in my village by giving them free or discounted tuition. I am happy that VGSoM has almost 30% female students. I hope by next year they exceed 50%.”
The Dean of the Institute, Prof Prabina Rajib was also elated by this gender distinctiveness. She said, “VGSoM strives to be pioneers at every sphere. Our aim has always been to bring in the best students and groom them to be the best managers. The fact that the gender ratio has increased shows that our idea of equality is resonated in these students. I hope that this diversity flourishes with every incoming batch.”
The batch is a reflection of budding managers who have come here to pursue their dreams. With the various work experiences that they bring with themselves, we look forward to their growth and future success.