IITKGP to launch AI Centre

IIT Kharagpur is setting up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research with alumni support. This was announced by the Director, Prof. P P Chakrabarti on the occasion of Foundation Day, on August 18, 2017, in a press conference.

Though AI — that has been slowly redefining computer science research along with cloud computing — is a part of the existing academic courses, it lacks facilities for dedicated and stand-alone research, says a report by the Times of India. The Institute has been exploring AI algorithms and machine learning to help deal with planning issues and complex data. The centre is expected to provide a boost to such research, states the report.

“The Centre will be linked to the supercomputing facility, cloud computing etc. Additionally, we want to do some really good projects in climate change and AI, big projects on healthcare and AI so that will require augmented funds,” he said.

For CoE in AI, the institute requires Rs 20 crore to get started for the core infrastructure. Prof. Chakrabarti said that research work on the project had begun. “We are working out the framework and building up the big picture and small aspects of the research have started. So it will consist of research and it will consist of new kind of programmes,” he added.

Article Source: IANS, Times of India; Image Source: 20th Century Fox