Director, IIT-KGP Joins Social Media

IIT-KGP has been progressing steadily on social media platforms like Facebook and Lindkedin since year 2012-13.  From 30000 Likes in 2012-13 the Facebook page ( at present (April 15, 2015) has 236024 Likes, almost 8 times growth in 2 years. The success of the page is also evident from comments on the posts, post reach and messages received. These platforms have not only helped the Institute diseminnate timely information but has also boosted a dialogue with various interested groups such as alumni, students, aspirants and well-wishers.

Now the good news is the man at the helm of IIT-KGP, Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Director, IIT Kharagpur has launched a Facebook page ( and Twitter handle (@director_iitkgp).